Materials Management optimizes you company��s logistical processes. Using Achiever ERP allow you coordinate warehouse management with your delivery schedule and enable your company to function efficiently yet maintain minimum inventory levels.

To ensure that your order are processed on time, Achiever MRP scheduling makes sure that sufficient production material and capacity is available for each other. Scheduling generates procurement suggestions for purchasing.



  • Work/Job orders
  • Warehouse management
  • LIFO/FIFO management
  • Lot creation & lot management
  • Bundle and serial number management
  • Inventory
  • Material allocation & valuation
  • Capacity planning
  • Work order completion
  • Service processing
  • Service product management
  • Access to an archived BOM on the service production
  • BOM processing for exchanging or adding parts
  • Automatic update of the service production BOM
  • Service and maintenance for a service product
  • Cost estimates
  • Requirements and inventory planning
  • Scheduling
  • Capacity calculation
  • Sales, Production and resource Planning