Project Approach & Methodology

With years of experience in working with customers in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific region, we are capable of communicating well with your company and/or factory. Our professional consultation and engineering team are capable of speaking in different Chinese dialect. In additions, our experienced team members being familiar with your industry, can swiftly understand your needs and demands.



The purpose of this stage will be to analyze customer preferred processes, data, systems and infrastructure in order to establish a baseline understanding of the existing environment. This stage will also define the target environment: processes, data, systems, and technology infrastructures.

This stage takes the requirements documented from the previous and develops an integrated specification to illustrate "how" these separate views are to be synthesized into new systems and supporting technology infrastructures.

During the Construction stage, the specifications developed as part of the design activities are refined and expanded to make them both language and tool-specific, in order to produce code/customized modules for the application. System testing is also conducted in this stage. This stage also includes the development of conversion programs & spreadsheets for master data, if applicable.

In the Implementation stage, the composite parts of the project are brought together and assembled into a working system. At this point all of the cross-stage phases of the project are finalized. These include Production Data Conversion, User Documentation, Training and User Manual will be provided.

At this stage, it is the closing phase of the project. Users will sign off the acceptance of the system and go into production run.

Warranty period will commence on acceptance of the system.